Secret teachings of the Hand Brotherhood


Presented here are extracts from the primary literature of the Hand Brotherhood Mages. A handful of their texts were discovered in the home of the necromancer Azaran. Expelled from the Brotherhood for his necromantic practices, he stole some books from them before leaving. He later committed ritual suicide in his spire.  The Keepers investigated the place approximately 2 years after his death, taking most of the remaining books with them.

1- An invocation of water elementals

Having attained a rudimentary mastery of Water, you may now begin to work with the forces behind it, the elementals who live, move and have their being in it. At this stage, you must master the invocation of lacustrine undines, the most amenable to serve the operator and of gentlest temperament. Riverine undines are more unwieldly, while marine ones should not be entreated until complete mastery over the others has been attained, as they are of an exceedingly destructive and unbalanced nature.

To work with lacustrine spirits, begin thus. On a full moon night, in the lunar hour, head to a pond or lake, taking a liquid container, with at least one congius of volume. Take also a measure of powdered silver and an ebony staff. As you arrive, stand by the lake and recite the First Lunar Psalmody, which you will find in the Teachings of Archmage Terzarion, chapter 8. Then place the tip of the staff into the water, repeat the Psalmody, and gaze at the moon intently. If it begins turning red, you must leave forthwith. Cast the silver into the water, and leave whence you came without looking back. You shall hear unintelligible whispers behind you, but whatever you may do, do not look back but continue on your way until the tumult ceases. Naught shall happen to you as long as you do not look behind you. You may attempt the water gathering anew at the next full moon. But woe unto the mage who neglects to bring silver with him.

Now, if the moon turns blue, then you may proceed oh Aspirant of Waters. Kneel at the lakeside, cast the silver into the water as an offering, and chant the preliminary lacustrine formula thrice: PARINTER KATRAI ARPUSTE LUNIXIEL IMASKES YESURMIDOS NEFTA SOKREX ASKURAKI APSALIORON LUNIDIA PUSKERON NEFTA ALDERA. DUMEZE NEFIS NIMAPSES SANSARIFIEL TENDORIS SIKTARIAKARITHON

When the water begins to bubble, you may then take your container and fill it therewith. Bow to the moon and return whence you came without looking back. You can then use the water to commune with the undines and send them off to perform tasks. You scry the water, by placing it in a circle of 9 candles wherein you shall stand, and gaze into the bowl whilst chanting the coercive formula of the lacustrines until the spirits arise from the water: PARINTER SOKRETAI TANDURIS TINDARIS ARDAMASIRON. To dismiss them, speak the words in reverse.

- The Book of Coral and Scale, 9:2-3


2- Recipe for an avian homunculus

To create a familiar who will serve you, take the bile of a crayman, powdered burrick liver, powdered crow feathers, the seeds of the plant called 'trickster's wort', a drop of your blood, and a portion of stinging flies. Boil the whole with a bit of spring water for 24 hours, then distillate it, and let the matter ferment for 21 days. Extract the Sulphur, Mercury, and Salt from it, then place these 3 principles in separate containers, and warm them at low heat for 7 hours, whereupon you mix them back together with some drops of oak sap. Let the resultant substance sit in a silver vessel for another 21 days.  When you open the vessel, you will find in it an egg. Keep the egg in a warm place, and after a week, a small green crow will hatch thence. Feed it flax seeds, oats and water, and it shall grow to full size within one month. 

This bird shall be able to converse with you, obey you, and reveal to you the innermost thoughts and intentions of whomever you desire, teaching you also the language of birds and beasts, and warning you of impending danger. Take care of it, and it shall take care of you.

- Copy of Adept Haseki Beyzar's experiment book, page 45, found in Azaran's spire


3- On the planetary Spirits

The names of the 7 planetary spirits are as follows:

-Saturn: ZARKITHADEKRIRÔN; his secret name: MURKADÔGRATHUNKIRUS,but another manuscript has MURTAKONDARUNISTUS








These are their sigils, respectively left to right:


They are the vivified forces of the planetary spheres. You may use the following method to invoke them. Take care that you utter their secret names only if they fail to appear after you invoke them with the below methods. Under no other circumstances should those names be used.


When you desire to work with these spirits, choose the proper day of the planet and its hour. Take some chalk over which a Hammerite liturgy has been celebrated, and trace a circle with it. Around the circle, you shall trace also the spirit's sigil the number of times related to the planet (3 for Saturn, 4 for Jupiter, &c). At the eastern outer point of the circle, place a brazier with incense related to the planet. Then, standing in the midst of the circle, perform the banishing formulae, invoke the currents of the planet with the Seven Heptagrams rite, then recite an improvised invocation unto the spirit, using its primary name. Repeat it until the spirit comes. 


If after one hour of recital the spirit has not come, then you may use its secret name, but ensure you cast mandrake powder into the brazier beforehand, lest grave harm come to you. The spirit will arise from the midst of the brazier, and take on a human shape. You may then command it. Beware of any contracts, or exchanges the spirit proposes to you. If he is rebellious, cast salt into the brazier to force him to obedience. Beware that you do not leave the limits of the circle until the spirit has left, under any circumstances.


A more advanced method of evocation may be found in chapter 6...


- The Testament of Aricapeus, 4:3


4- On the oracular statues

For those yet unaware, the  recently installed statues in the library shrine represent the Precursor Gods of the 4 elements, and were retrieved from the ruins of a temple in Karath-Din during last month's expedition. These statues were used by the priesthood for oracular purposes. Over the last few days members of the Inner Circle have performed communions and meditative exercises with them, and established contact with their primeval Gods. They have communicated many teachings and insights, some personal to each of us, others for the benefit of the Brotherhood. Our elemental workings and instruction shall henceforth be aligned in accordance with these revelations. I encourage all the brethren to take time out of each day, touch each statue with the right hand, close your eyes and remain in meditation, noting down any insights you may receive...

From a lecture read by Adept Aroun to the mages during the communal meal, shortly after the four oracular statues were set up in the library


5- The Gold Tablet of Garruvin

The supreme Name is not to be revealed to the profane. He who knows it shall cast down rain from a cloudless sky, and walk upon the waters of the sea. He shall become invisible when he wishes, and all spirits shall obey him. He shall know the tongue of birds and all manner of beasts. If he wishes to slay his enemies, they are forthwith struck down, and if he wishes to resurrect the dead, they shall quicken to life at his command. Before him the heavens bow, the mountains and valleys shake.

 This is the name that was uttered at the beginning of time, by which the One becomes Two, and the Two becomes One; the name which seals earth and heaven, whereby the stars and the sun are obscured, the night is turned to day and the day to night, the Four Elements are bound and directed, AREKTAMI  ABKUMI AMRADMI PIRETMI BARRATON ASTEPE LEPONIRON MOSKUS TUPSIMAK DILGOM DIMSOR TINIESERUM, DEKNEKUSI THARMATIKURMI HARZIMURAM ABLORAS PANTARANTHA GUNDARIMAS AKRIKASTARON MELKATHARNAGUPI ESKAROMISTOS.


-Transcription of a ciphered gold tablet found in the tomb of the mage Garruvin, in a 350 year old ruin north of Cyric. The Hand Brotherhood experimented extensively with this formula, often with unpredictable results



6- On Tower & element symbolism

Our  Towers act as earthly temples of the Four Elements, as well as conduits for their power. The Four are united by the Fifth in the center, the Tower of Spirit, the universal reconciler, whereby all elements may be harmonized. For although we are taught to specialize in a particular element, such cannot be worked without the aid of Spirit. Water and Fire clash in nature, but herein they are equilibrated by the Quintessence. Ever remember, oh brothers, the power of Spirit. For as the physical body cannot function without the brain, so the Four Elements cannot persist without the Fifth. Remember the lesson of the Precursors' downfall. For they sought to deify the elements without the aid of Spirit, establishing their foundations around them, but as the Spirit was neglected, so their civilization collapsed. Without mortar to hold the stones of a building together, it shall easily crumble and collapse. So devoid of Spirit, the Four elements cannot endure...

- From a lecture by Adept Al-Hayr



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